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Parallel Interface MRAM

Parallel MRAM

8-bit /16-bit Parallel Interface MRAM

Everspin 8-bit/16-bit Parallel Interface MRAM are SRAM compatible with 35/45ns access timing and unlimited endurance. Data is non-volatile for greater than 20-years. Data is automatically protected on power loss by low-voltage inhibit circuitry to prevent writes with voltage out of specification.

8-bit Parallel Interface MRAM

Size Speed / Frequency VDD VDDQ
256Kb 35ns 3.3v MR256A08B
256Kb 45ns 3.3v 1.8 MR256D08B
256Kb 45ns 2.7-3.6v 1.8 MR256DL08B
1Mb 45ns 2.7-3.6v 1.8 MR0DL08B
1Mb 35ns 3.3v MR0A08B
1Mb 45ns 3.3v 1.8 MR0D08B
4Mb 35ns 3.3v MR2A08A
16Mb 35ns/45ns 3.3v MR4A08B

16-bit Parallel Interface MRAM

Size Speed / Frequency VDD
1Mb 35ns 3.3v MR0A16A
4Mb 35ns 3.3v MR2A16A
16Mb 35ns/45ns 3.3v MR4A16B
2Mb 35ns 3.3v MR1A16A
8Mb 35ns 3.3v MR3A16A
32Mb 35ns 3.3v MR5A16A