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xSPI Products

xSPI Products

xSPI Products

Everspin’s new xSPI product family is based on the EXpanded Serial Peripheral Interface, the latest JEDEC standard for non-volatile memory devices. It is based on Everspin’s unique industrial STT MRAM technology. The products offer high-performance, multiple I/O, SPI-compatibility and feature a high-speed, low pin count SPI compatible bus interface with a clock frequency of up to 200 MHz. These persistent memory MRAM devices operate on a single 1.8V power supply and deliver up to 400MBps for both reads and writes via eight I/O signals.

This ushers in a new era of universal memory application solutions, replacing products such as SRAM, BBSRAM, NVSRAM and NOR devices, targeting Industrial Automation, Process Control, Emulation, Automotive and Transportation, Gaming, and the broader industrial IoT markets.

xSPI Octal Interface MRAM

Size Speed / Frequency VDD
4Mb 200MHz 1.8v EM004LXO
8Mb 200MHz 1.8v EM008LXO
16Mb 200MHz 1.8v EM016LXO
32Mb 200MHz 1.8v EM032LXO
64Mb 200MHz 1.8v EM064LXO
128Mb 200MHz 1.8v EM128LXO

xSPI Quad Interface MRAM

Size Speed / Frequency VDD
4Mb 133MHz 1.8v EM004LXQ
8Mb 133MHz 1.8v EM008LXQ
16Mb 133MHz 1.8v EM016LXQ
32Mb 133MHz 1.8v EM032LXQ
64Mb 133MHz 1.8v EM064LXQ
128Mb 133MHz 1.8v EM128LXQ